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Opting Out of Florida Prepaid

Fall and Spring Terms

The option to “opt out” online for the current term (fall or spring) must be completed prior to the tuition and fees payment deadline of that term.  The online “opt out” option will not be available on the tuition and fees payment deadline day.  Therefore, if you choose to “opt out” on the deadline day or you need to cancel an online selection, you must contact the Bursar’s Office at (352) 392-9545 or through Ask Bursar Help.

Please note, you must “opt out” for every term you choose to decline the use of your prepaid plan.  Only one academic term will be available online for “opting out” at any given time.


As an eligible student, should you choose to decline the use of your prepaid plan for a fall or spring term, you can do so by selecting the appropriate term on-line by following the instructions below:

  • Log into ONE.UF
  • Choose Campus Finances (Bursar) card
  • Select “View My Account”
  • On the next page, under “Related Links,” select Opt out of Florida Prepaid
  • Select the appropriate term(s) using the dropdown arrow
  • Click on “Save” when finished

Summer Sessions

The Summer session is considered one session from a Florida Prepaid standpoint, so if you choose to  “opt out” online you must “opt out” for all Summer A, A/C and B sessions by the tuition and fee payment deadline of the Summer A/C session.   If you are only enrolled for the Summer B session and it is after the fee payment deadline for Summer A/C, then you will need to email the University Bursar your request or visit the University Bursar’s Office in person to complete the “opt out” form for Summer B before the Summer B fee payment deadline.  Feel free to contact the Bursar at (352) 392-9545 or through Ask Bursar Help for more information or assistance.

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


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Florida Prepaid College Board: 1-800-552-4723 (552-GRAD)

Bursar: (352) 392-9545

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