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IFAS Minor Construction Projects

Directive Statement

This directive establishes the proper methods to set up minor construction projects from the time the project is requested to the time it is completed for IFAS units.

Reason for Directive

To establish a standard procedure for how minor construction projects at the University should be handled by departments.

Who must comply?

All IFAS Departments.

New Project Requests

IFAS Facilities Planning & Operations (For IFAS construction or building projects and maintenance requests)

MINOR Construction Projects (Projects less than $2M)

Step 1: IFAS Research, Extension, Teaching departments, and/or VP Office identify a project in conjunction with IFAS Facilities, Planning, and Operations (FPO) team.

Step 2:  An IFAS Project Manager is assigned based on department or Research Education Center (REC).  The project manager “manages” the project.  The Project Manager will work with the department to determine the scope of work needed and prepare project estimates.

Step 3:  FPO Administration works with the department to obtain the appropriate funding source based on the project scope of work.

  • Work on the project can commence once funding is secured within the project or phase, based upon an approved plan.
  • The FPO Director is also informed of the project funding source.

Examples of funding sources:

  • PECO funding: Construction Accounting gives advanced budget and draws down cash from the State as needed on a monthly basis.
    1. Note: IFAS follows Board of Governors – Fixed Capital Outlay/Legislative Budget Request process to obtain PECO funds.
    2. PECO Minor Monies are received from the Florida Legislature/Board of Governors in a lump sum formula generated allotment.  These funds are used primarily for projects that extend the useful life of the facilities (ie; Roofs, Air Handling Units, etc.), or ADA/Fire code corrective projects and scopes.
  • Non-sponsored Contracts and Grants resources, Auxiliary, Interest Earnings on non-appropriation funds, or Private Donations: Cash must be transferred into a construction accounting fund.  Division of Sponsored Program approval is required for non-sponsored contract and grant resources.
  • Bond funding: Construction Accounting gives advanced budget and PDC/Construction Accounting requests to Banking & Merchant Services to draw down cash based on a draw schedule.
  • UF Internal Loan: Construction Accounting gives advanced budget and requests that Banking & Merchant Services draw down cash monthly, based on expenses.
  • Sponsored Contract and Grant resources: Construction Accounting gives advanced budget and requests cash monthly, based on expenditures.
  • Education and General (E&G) funding: IFAS FPO will request the Chartfield from the IFAS department and then verify that the funding source is allowable based on State Statutes and UF policy.  Then, the FPO Administrator will process the transfer request from the provided department Chartfield into the IFAS FPO department.  The originating department is notified when the transfer is complete.
    1. The request to utilize these funds must be approved by Construction Accounting.  Construction Accounting will verify that the request to use this type of funding source is allowable, based on State Statutes and UF Policy.  Unique UF fund codes have been created to track E&G monies that are approved for construction expenses.  Cash is required to be transferred into the appropriate construction accounting fund.  The account code 787000-Capitalized Construction is no longer available for invoice payment processing by departments outside of Construction Accounting.
  • Direct Support Organizations/Affiliates (University Athletic Association, Jacksonville Proton Therapy, etc.): All project accounting is conducted by the entity.  PDC reviews and makes recommendations for payments, etc.

Step 4: If the scope of work changes, then the Project Manager will work with the department about project detail modification.  The FPO Administrator will work with the department contact to secure the updated funding needs.

Step 5: Based upon the guidance of the Project Manager and/or Director, the FPO Administrator sets up the parameters of the project.  Then the FPO Administrator informs the FPO Accountant to proceed with construction requests.

Step 6: The FPO Accountant will notify Construction Accounting to create a project in PeopleSoft with receipt of funding request from department.

Step 7: The IFAS Project Manager creates a requisition in myUF Market and then routes to the IFAS Contract Administrator, who works with UF Procurement Services to create purchase orders for the total estimated project costs. Any purchase orders for $5,000 or over must be approved by the FPO Director.  In addition, IFAS FPO follows the Purchasing Department’s requirements for collecting invoices.

Step 8: Invoices are directly uploaded by the vendor to the University of Florida’s Accounts Payable system, MyUF Payment Solutions.

Step 9: Invoices are received by the FPO Administrator and are then routed to the IFAS Project Manager for review and approval.

  • If the invoice is over $5,000, it is directed and approved by the FPO Director.
  • The invoice is then routed to the FPO Contract Administrator for a third review and approval.

Step 10: The IFAS Administrator routes approved invoices to the Construction Accounting team for payment and final approval.

Step 11: Construction Accounting team reviews to ensure monies are available to pay the invoices.  They also break down the invoices for componentization to be classified and accounted for as an asset on the University’s books.

Step 12: The invoice is paid.

Step 13:  At the completion of the project, it is reviewed for closeout by Construction Accounting.

  • Construction Accounting will return any remaining funding provided by IFAS FPO to IFAS FPO.
  • IFAS FPO will then transfer funding back to the original department. The FPO Administrator notifies the department of any returning funds.
  • If appropriate, Construction Accounting will capitalize the project in the UF accounting system.

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


Construction Accounting: (352) 392-5778

Planning, Design and Construction: (352) 273-4000

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