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Payment Card Newsflash #027

We have been notified by our payment card processor Elavon, Inc. that the ‘Hypercom’ credit card swiping machine series (widely used across the UF enterprise) have reached their “End of Life Cycle”.

Starting in October 2015, the payment brands (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, etc.) will shift the responsibility for any fraud resulting from a payment transaction involving a swiping machine to the party using the least secure technology. In that context, millions of new cards with an embedded chip will be issued to card holders this year.

These circumstances require us to upgrade our equipment. We have therefore secured favorable pricing from Elavon. Below are two choices of upgraded terminals:

Ingenico Telium2 ICT 220 – $230.00

  • Black and white screen
  • Does NOT have an integrated NFC/Contactless reader
  • Has an internal pin pad, or can use an external pin pad (iPP320)

Ingenico Telium2 ICT 250 – $365.00

  • Color screen plus an integrated NFC/Contactless reader
  • Has an internal pin pad or can use an external pin pad (iPP320)

Both models support Ethernet and dial connectivity. Spec sheets are below. Please contact us for other options, such as wireless terminals, pin pads, etc.

We will gladly assist you as usual with the exchange of your equipment. Please do not wait – take advantage of reduced pricing now and contact us for an upgrade well before October 1st, 2015:

Payment Card Management
Email: Treasury-creditcards@ad.ufl.edu

Published: January 20th, 2015

Category: Payment Card Newsflash