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Welcome to the University of Florida

Finance & Accounting is here to support you as you learn your new role!  In addition to the resources in this section, all of our offices are always happy to answer questions or help you figure things out while you learn.  Not sure who to ask? For general questions, the Controller’s Office is always here by either email: controller-office@ad.ufl.edu or phone:(352) 392-1321.

Below are recommendations to get you started during your first month on the job.  Feel free to reach out to controller-office@ad.ufl.edu with suggestions of things to add to this list!

First 30 Days

Online Training Classes

Below are some online courses that are foundational for all employees with fiscal responsibilities.  We suggest you take the courses in the order listed below within your first 30 days, if possible.  Each course should take you less than an hour to complete.  Click on the course title to register.

  1. Introduction to UF and Security Roles (UF_GBS111_OLT)
  2. Color of Money (UF_PRO302_OLT)
  3. Basic Accounting at UF (UF_PRO304_OLT)
  4. Reconciliation (UF_PST130_OLT)
  5. How Budgets Work at UF (UF_GBS112_OLT)

UFACC ListServ Sign-Up

All fiscal employees should sign up for the UFACC listserv, designed for anyone who works with the UF accounting system including payables, purchasing, contracts & grants, Banking & Merchant Services, property, budgets, educational business activities, general ledger, reconciliation, reports, etc.

To join, send an e-mail to listserv@lists.ufl.edu with the body: subscribe UFACC-L YourFirstName YourLastName

Note: Remove any automatic signatures before sending.

You will get a message back confirming your subscription request. Reply “ok” in the body of the message within 48 hours. You will receive a user’s guide by email.

Administrative Memo Sign-Up

Administrative memos are used to share important information, including policy and procedural changes, to the entire University of Florida community.

To join, visit the UF Administrative Memo page and click “UF Faculty, Staff and Student Sign-Up.”

Bookmark Useful Information

Suggested sites to bookmark include the following (depending on your role):

  • ChartFields main page: Information about all the ChartFields you will use at the University and is your best source for up-to-date information
  • Internal Controls: Information to help fiscal employees safeguard assets and be good stewards, including resources specific to processors, reviewers, and leaders
  • Expenditures guidelines: Information on how different expenditures should be processed and when they are allowed
  • New Fiscal Employees site: Information specifically for new employees to help you get started in your role

We are so happy you are here and look forward to working with you!

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