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Summary of Tier 1 Resources


This provides a summary of resources available to Tier 1 employees.

Please e-mail controller-office@ad.ufl.edu with suggestions of useful materials to add to this list.


UFACC Listserv

The UFACC listserv is for anyone who works with the UF accounting systems including payables, purchasing, contracts and grants, Banking & Merchant Services, property, budgets, educational business activities, general ledger, reports, etc.

Guide to Reconciliation

The purpose of this manual is to provide best practice suggestions to help guide you through the monthly financial reconciliation and review process.

Tier 1 Reconciliation Checklist

This Tier 1 Checklist for Monthly Reconciliation provides detailed guidance for a Tier 1 reconciler performing the monthly reconciliation, including suggestions of who to contact with questions at various stages of the reconciliation.

Internal Control Checklist

The objective of the Internal Controls Checklist is to provide the campus community with a tool for evaluating the internal control structure in a department or functional unit, while also promoting effective and efficient business practices.


PRO302 – The Color of Money: A Guide to How Moneys May Be Spent at UF

This workshop will introduce UF’s sources of funds along with the accompanying rules, or directives, that govern how each type of monies may be spent.  Participants will learn about “allowable expenditures” for each funding source and have a chance to practice applying the rules to ensure uniform and consistent application of associated directives.  The overall objective of this workshop is to ensure UF employees with fiscal responsibilities understand how funding sources can be used when completing financial transactions.

PRO303 – Internal Controls at UF

Participants will be introduced to an “internal control framework” and study the key concepts together with a series of questionnaires that will guide them in performing unit-based internal control self-assessments.

PST130 – Reconciliation for Tier 1

In this class, we introduce reports, tools, directives, and recommendations for management of financial activities at the departmental level.

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