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Rental Vehicles

Directive Statement

This directive establishes the procedures to rent a car for University travel. The current State of Florida contract for rental vehicles is with AVIS/Budget – State of Florida Contract 78111808-20-1.

The state contract requires the rental of a compact or a justification, signed by the traveler, of the necessity for a larger vehicle. The state contract with AVIS/Budget includes the rental class of hybrid vehicles. The rental of a hybrid vehicle will be allowed without a justification.

If AVIS/Budget is not available or a truck rental is needed, UF has established a rental vehicle contract with Enterprise/National and Hertz Rental Cars. Employees are encouraged to only use one of the non-state contract vendors when AVIS cannot be utilized. For car rentals, view the UF Enterprise/National or the Hertz rate sheets. For truck rentals, utilize the Enterprise contract number on the Enterprise truck rental website with customer verification code “uni”.

If there is failure to use the AVIS/Budget, Enterprise/National, or Hertz for rental vehicles, written justification will be required by the traveler. In the event the traveler fails to justify use of a rental company other than the above vendors, any additional cost will be borne by the traveler.

Reason for Directive

When determining method of travel, consideration is to be given to the total cost to the University, considering time of the traveler, impact on the productivity of the traveler, cost of transportation, and per diem or subsistence required. To ensure the best price for the University, travelers must use the state contract.

Who Must Comply?

All UF departments.

Booking Procedures

Detailed information is available in the AVIS Rental Brochure, AVIS Rental Vehicles Price Sheet and the AVIS Reference Guide for Rental Vehicles. Renter must be a UF employee or guest on official UF business.

All UF travelers who makes a reservation for a vehicle rental should establish an AVIS Preferred and/or Budget Fastbreak accounts:

Rental car reservations can be booked through the AVIS Rental Vehicles or Budget Rental Vehicles website, following the prompts for leisure or business. Reservations can also be made using the AVIS and Budget Mobile Apps or by contacting the AVIS/Budget STATE OF FLORIDA RESERVATION DESK toll-free number, 800-338-8211.

If a vehicle is reserved in advance and the reserved car class is not available, AVIS/Budget will provide an upgrade at no additional charge. If a vehicle is not reserved in advance and the desired car class is not available, the renter will be charged for the actual car class rented. If the web portal states “Sold Out,” please contact the AVIS Help Desk at floridahelp@avisbudget.com.

Breakdowns, Emergencies, and Accidents

In the event of a vehicle breakdown, a situation in which the renter believes the vehicle is unsafe, or other vehicle emergency, AVIS/Budget shall remedy the situation within two (2) hours of being notified by the renter (e.g. fix the flat tire, jump start the vehicle, refill the vehicle with gas, unlock the vehicle) or replace the vehicle; replacement vehicles shall be the same or greater class and shall be provided at no additional charge. Notification is defined as first contact with an AVIS/Budget employee or designated roadside assistance service provider; renters are strongly encouraged to contact the designated roadside assistance service provider:


In the event of an accident, renters should provide responding law enforcement with the AVIS/Budget self-insurance certificate located in the glovebox, contact the designated roadside assistance service provider if the vehicle is undriveable after the accident. Additionally, renters must notify AVIS/Budget as soon as possible of any accident involving the rental.

Non-Contract Vendors

If it is necessary to rent a vehicle from a non-contract vendor, purchase both physical damage coverage (comp and collision) and supplemental liability coverage when renting outside the AVIS/Budget contract. The state’s auto liability certificate excludes any liability we assume by contract or agreement, so those two coverages are needed to protect UF and the employee/driver.

Paying for a Rental Vehicle

The cost of rental vehicles may be charged to a University of Florida Purchasing Card, a personal credit card or charged through a Global Electronic Billing Agreement that is used to acquire an AVIS/Budget Wizard number.  Departments will need to have the established AVIS/Budget Wizard number to rent for an employee as well as a non-employee and to comply with University guidelines.

To receive an AVIS/Budget Wizard number:

  1. Complete the AVIS Global Electronic Billing Agreement Form or Budget Club Applicant form
  2. Please leave off the last 4 digits of your PCard number. Email the completed form to: Raylene Clegg, AVIS/Budget Account Services Representative, at floridahelp@avisbudget.com. AVIS will call you via telephone to obtain the last 4 digits of your PCard
  3. Completing this form will charge the rental costs to the associated UF PCard

Rentals for Non-UF Employees

The department will need to use the AVIS Wizard number for all visitors so that state contract rate may be obtained.  AVIS will not allow the state rate for rental vehicles to a non-UF employee unless this directive is followed.

Written authorization is required for non-employees and Students traveling on behalf of a customer; written authorization must be on the customer’s letterhead and include the renter’s name, rental rates, and reservation number.

Unless a student is an employee of UF, they are not allowed the UF/State contract rate unless it is for business. If using for business the student must have the department rent the vehicle for them, using the departments UF PCard that is linked to an AVIS Wizard number. University of Florida visitors or University of Florida students that are not employees cannot use the UF/State contract for personal use.


AVIS strongly encourages renters to use a SunPass transponder. Renters must add the rental vehicle’s license plate number to the SunPass account at the time of pick-up and remove the license plate number from the account when the vehicle is returned.

If the renter does not have a SunPass transponder, and the renter travels through a toll plaza without paying cash, the renter will automatically be charged for using the AVIS/Budget e-Toll service. The renter will be charged the actual cost for all tolls plus an e-Toll convenience fee of $4.95 for each day a toll is incurred. The convenience fee will not exceed $24.75 for the entire rental period. Toll charges and convenience fees will be charged to the method of payment for the associated rental within two to eight weeks after the vehicle is returned.

To obtain copies of toll receipt, visit https://www.htallc.com/invoice/search select rental company, last name of renter, and contract number. Or visit https://www.htallc.com/autoreceiptsignup and signup for the automated receipt program to receive an emailed copy of toll receipts.

Returning the Vehicle

Vehicles should be returned at the date, time, and rental location specified on the rental agreement provided at the time of pick-up.

  • If the renter returns the vehicle 59 minutes late or less, no additional charge shall be assessed.
  • If the renter returns the vehicle more than 59 minutes late, the Additional Hours Rate shown on the price sheet will be assessed for each hour. If the accumulated Additional Hours Rate exceeds the Daily Rate, AVIS/Budget will bill for an additional day at the Daily Rate.

At the time of return, the vehicle should have the same amount of gas that was in the vehicle at the time of pick-up, and be clean and free of personal items. Renters should ensure that the receipt reflects the contracted rates and correct taxes, balance and refueling charge or credit.

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03/31/2023: reviewed content




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