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Reduction or Removal of Effort Used to Meet Cost Share

Directive Statement

This directive establishes the proper methods of reducing or removing effort used to meet cost share.  This change does not need to be communicated to the sponsor unless the individual is Senior/Key Personnel, or the request is intended to reduce the overall required cost share commitment.

Commitment Guidance is a hands-on guide to assist departments with all aspects of effort commitments.

Reason for Directive

To ensure changes in effort follow University policies.

Who must comply?

All University Departments.


  1. In UFIRST the department should process a modification to reduce or remove this individual’s effort
  2. Contracts & Grants will work with the department to identify how the required cost share will now be met
  3. Cost Analysis will reduce/remove the effort commitment in the commitment module



A commitment is reflective of the promise of time/effort made to the sponsor.  This time can be designated over the life of the award, a project period, a budget period, or to specific terms.  Most federally funded research programs should have some level of committed effort, paid or unpaid.  This effort can be provided at any time within the fiscal year (summer months, academic year, or both).

Cost Sharing

The portion of the total costs of a project borne by the University of Florida and not borne by the Sponsor.


Effort is the time devoted to a particular activity, expressed as a percentage of the total time spent on UF activities.

Last Reviewed

07/31/2021: reviewed content


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Cost Analysis: (352) 392-5778

Contracts & Grants: (352) 392-1235

Division of Sponsored Programs: (352) 392-1582

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