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Directive Statement

Lodging reimbursement is limited to single occupancy unless rental accommodations are shared by more than one authorized traveler.  The University may require justification for a single room rate that exceeds the maximum lodging amount per the GSA Domestic Per Diem Schedule unless a conference/convention hotel rate is used, or the rate claimed is less than the stated conference/convention rate.

Any travelers who lodge within 50 miles of their headquarters or residence must have approval from the department head prior to claiming per diem or reimbursement.  Criteria for approval shall include late night or early morning job responsibilities and excessive travel time because of travel conditions.

No one, whether traveling out of state or in state, shall be reimbursed for any lodging included in a convention or conference registration fee paid by the University.

Travelers are allowed up to 1 day on domestic travel and 2 days on foreign travel to reach destination and return from destination if needed.

Reason for Directive

University travelers are required to use prudent judgment for all expenses related to lodging to ensure responsible stewardship of University resources.

Expenses for lodging are reimbursed, as explained below, either on an actual, reasonable expense basis, or on a per diem basis.  Personal expenses, such as guest accommodations, room service, early check-in, entertainment and other non-business charges, are the responsibility of the traveler.

Who must comply?

All UF departments.


The traveler may use the University of Florida purchasing card or personal funds to pay the lodging bill.

  1. If using personal funds, the traveler will be reimbursed for the actual expense of the lodging
  2. To secure reimbursement following completion of travel, the traveler must provide the itemized hotel bill showing the actual amount paid, or a $0 balance due and method of payment must accompany
  3. The traveler or designee must follow the steps in the UF HR Toolkit – Create an Expense Report and attach the itemized hotel bill

Home and Condo Rentals (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)

As with all lodging expenses, proper documentation is required. Adequate supporting documentation must contain the address of the location and the dates of the rental. An invoice (receipt) should also contain the name of the landlord/rental company and the renter. The documentation must also show how the rental was paid (credit card, check, cash, PayPal, Venmo, etc.)  A cost comparison is needed to ensure the cost of the rental is more economical than normal available lodging. If the cost is higher, it will not be allowed. If UF is making a payment directly to the leasing company/owner a contract has to be signed and submitted to Procurement Services using MyUFmarketplace.

Last Reviewed

03/31/2023: reviewed content


State Department Website


UF HR Toolkit – Travel and Expense Module


Travel & Employee Reimbursements: (352) 392-1241


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