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Internal Control Checklist


The Internal Control Checklist is a tool for the campus community to help evaluate and strengthen internal controls, promote effective and efficient business practices, and improve compliance in a department or functional unit.  The checklist is not meant to be absolute but informative when reviewing controls in a given area.

This Internal Controls Checklist is similar to what auditors might use when performing a review of your department’s internal controls.


The checklist should be completed by individuals accountable for the particular business process.

Most internal control procedures are based on common sense.  For example:

  • The person having custody of the asset, such as cash, should not be the only person responsible for accounting for it.
  • No one person should be able to complete a requisition/payment transaction or personnel/payroll transaction from beginning to end without appropriate monitoring or oversight.
  • Incompatible duties should be segregated for a check and balance.
  • Laws and University policies and directives are expected to be followed.

Even though many internal controls are a simple matter of common sense, taking the time to periodically use this checklist to review the control processes can be a valuable tool to step outside your daily work, review controls, and help document your due diligence.

While “no” responses would normally indicate a potential weakness, this could be off-set by “compensating” controls within the unit.  It is difficult to make a statement regarding a particular control based on the response to just one question.  However, a “no” response will probably be an indicator that compensating controls or additional steps are needed for a particular process.

Additional information about internal controls is available at the Office of Internal Audit website.

Remember, we all play a part in the university’s internal control system!

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