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Important Fiscal Websites

Finance & Accounting


Provides directives, procedures, resources and forms for all departments within Finance & Accounting.

Procurement Services


Provides directives, procedures, resources and forms for Procurement Services, including information about Procurement Cards (PCards).

Contracts and Grants


Provides accounting services and information related to sponsored projects.



At the University of Florida, MainSpring is an interconnected community of professionals learning, sharing and growing together to move the research enterprise forward. Each individual working in perfect concert like a finely tuned watch can help to ease administrative burden and promote compliance ultimately facilitating world class research and scholarship.

Security Roles – Finance


Provides myUFL security role names, descriptions, and required training for finance.

**Required security roles will depend on the role of the employee; please check with your supervisor or DSA prior to requesting any security roles.

UF HR Learn & Grow – Financial Toolkits


Provides key resources that faculty and staff need to support learning at the University of Florida. Features a variety of different types of training materials, including simulations, instruction guides and links to our courses, the toolkits offer just-in-time training for both business processes and professional development resources.

UF HR Training & Organizational Development Pro3 Fiscal Management


A series of workshops and information sessions designed to help those in administrative positions at UF learn the key information and develop the key skills they need to be successful.

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Human Resources: (352) 392-2477

Procurement Services: (352) 392-1331