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Upcoming Finance Training Opportunities


Our course content is focused on the University of Florida’s major financial systems, responsible financial stewardship, and information on how to effectively manage funds, expenditures, or other University resources.  We invite you to attend instructor-led courses, watch how-to videos, take online courses, and reach out to us with any questions or suggestions for new programs.  The Controller’s Office Center for Excellence, in coordination with UF HR Training & Organizational Development, the CFO Division, UF Research and other stakeholders, offer on-demand and instructor-led courses, toolkits, and other resources designed for both new and advanced financial professionals.

Are you a new fiscal employee? Visit the Fiscal Onboarding page to get information about a recurring training series just for you!

Highlighted Training Opportunities

Visit the UF HR Calendar – Upcoming Events: Training & Organizational Development website to see what classes are upcoming.  To find specific classes, including those related to PRO3 Certifications, use the “Search for events” option.  Some classes we recommend include:

  • Color of Money
  • Internal Controls at UF
  • Fraud Awareness
  • Understanding ChartFields

Explore more learning options

Continuing Professional Education Program for CPAs

PRO3 Fiscal Management Certification

Mainspring Learn & Grow

Financial Toolkits

and many, many more! Email controller-office@ad.ufl.edu with questions about other training resources or opportunities.

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UF HR Training & Organizational Development: training@ufl.edu