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Expenses for International Travel

Directive Statement

All individuals traveling internationally for University business must register international travel with the UF International Center and have a Travel Authorization established in the Travel and Expense Module.

The University may reimburse authorized travelers for international travel based on the current rates as specified by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Allowances.

If claiming per diem during international travel instead of actual lodging expenses incurred up to the maximum, and instead of the meal allowances, the total per diem rate will be $80 per day.

Travelers are allowed up to 1 day on domestic travel and 2 days on foreign travel to reach destination and return from destination if needed.

Reason for Directive

To ensure compliance with the U.S. Department of State foreign per diem allowances, as well as all rules and regulations of the University.

Who must comply?

All UF departments.



For lodging, a maximum allowance is provided for each country in the rate schedule that can be found at Foreign Per Diem Rates.

  1. Lodging costs which exceed the maximum allowable are acceptable if the traveler stays at the conference hotel
  2. Any other exceptions to the maximum allowable can only be made with appropriate justification and approval prior to travel
  3. Itemized receipts must be provided and attached to the Expense Report in myUFL to support the cost of all lodging for reimbursement up to the prescribed maximum


Use the Foreign Per Diem Rates table to find the M&IE Rate for the country of travel.

Then, use the M&IE Rate Table for Foreign Per Diem to determine the amounts the State of Florida has authorized for meal payments for that travel area.  All amounts are shown in US dollars.

When using the M&IE rates to determine meals rates (B,L,D) for international travel, the Incidental column is not taken into consideration.  Therefore, if you want to be reimbursed for incidentals, only the actual incidentals expenses incurred are allowed, and they will be on the expense report as another expense line besides meals.

mie rate table example

  1. Rates for international travel will be paid at the foreign meal allowance rate from the time the traveler leaves their headquarters, unless the traveler spends the night in an alternate U.S. location
    • Domestic travel rates would then be used
  2. Foreign travel rates would also be used upon the return trip until the traveler returns to headquarters, unless the traveler spends the night in the U.S. before returning to headquarters
    • Domestic travel rates would then be used
  3. Rates for international travel shall not be claimed for any fractional travel day in which domestic meal allowances or per diem is claimed
  4. Foreign meal allowances are paid at the rate based upon the location for which lodging occurs
    • No receipts are required for meal reimbursements
  5. Incidental expenses must be supported in accordance with University travel regulations and all documentation attached to the Expense Report in myUFL

Last Reviewed

04/30/2022: reviewed content


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Travel & Employee Reimbursements: (352) 392-1241


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