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Employee Reimbursements

Directive Statement

Allowable expenses for reimbursement include:

  1. Allowable business hosting expenses.  This includes all food purchases, luncheons, retreats, and entertainment
  2. In an emergency or when traveling for the University, it may become necessary for a faculty/staff member to pay for materials or services from their personal funds with the expectation that they will be reimbursed by the University for the purchase
  3. Licenses, dues, memberships, and submission of research papers/payment for review services
  4. Whenever a PCard is not accepted by the supplier

Expenses that are NOT allowable for reimbursement include:

  1. IT Equipment.  All IT equipment must be purchased using UF procurement mechanisms to ensure all applicable UF IT standards are met
  2. Clothing
  3. Contractual Services (except with approval from the Director or Associate Director of Procurement Services)
  4. Any other commodities or contractual services that are required to be processed on a requisition/Purchase Order (PO) or PCard
    1. To view allowable, conditional, and non-allowable PCard purchases, visit the Procurement website
  5. Sales tax that would have been avoided if normal University purchasing processes had been followed (Sales tax must be deducted from unallowable reimbursements)
  6. Any reimbursement greater than $50

Reason for Directive

Employee reimbursements ensure that reimburse faculty, staff, and others for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in connection with approved travel or business hosting on behalf of the University.

Who must comply?

All UF departments.


  1. The individual should seek confirmation that the purchase is appropriate for reimbursement by the University
    • Contact Disbursements for guidance on the allowability of any transaction
    • If department authorities deem that the purchase is unallowable and should have utilized normal purchasing or PCard processes, the purchase should not be processed for reimbursement.
  2. Process an Expense Report to reimburse the employee
  3. Attach all supporting documentation
    • The attachment of an itemized receipt showing the breakdown of types of goods/services paid, method of payment, and fees applied is required

For information on guidelines for other types of expenditures, please see the Disbursement Directives.


First Infraction

Reminder of UF policy and employee will be asked to return any sales tax reimbursed.

Second Infraction

Allowed with a justification along with a second reminder of UF policy and employee will be asked to return any sales tax reimbursed.

Third Infraction

All monies paid to the employee are refunded to the University.  If not repaid in a timely manner, the amount of the payment will be reported as income on the employee’s W-2.

Last Reviewed

03/31/2023: Reviewed content


UF HR Toolkit – Create an Expense Report


PRO302: Color of Money


Disbursements: (352) 392-1241

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