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Directive Statement

Disbursements does not add suppliers to the supplier file for refunds.  Refunds will be entered as check requests and include all the pertinent information needed to create a voucher.

Note: Every department that creates invoice numbers should have meaningful, sequenced numbering system.  This will prevent duplicate payments.

Reason for Directive

They are, in fact, not suppliers and should be treated as such.  History cannot be removed from the supplier file, therefore, it makes no sense to clog our supplier file when the reality is, we will probably never pay the person/business again.

Who must Comply?

All UF Departments.


  1. Complete a check request for the refund, including all the information needed to make a voucher.  This includes:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Reason for the refund
    • ACH form (completed and uploaded)
      See example below:
      ACH Form
  2. Route the check request to a Supplier/Voucher team member.
    Jared VanAusdale
    Barbara Gordon
    Andreas Gross
    Barbie Cromwell
    Patricia “Dannielle” Godwin
  3. The team will create a one-time payment in PeopleSoft (PS).  The voucher number will be the check request’s voucher number with the leading “P” as opposed to “1”.  The voucher number for the example above in PS will be P0243416.
  4. The check request will then be declined with the reason code: Single Pay Supplier – Manually input in PS.
  5. You will be notified when the voucher is done.

Last Reviewed

04/30/2021: reviewed content


UF HR Toolkits – myUF Payment Solutions


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