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Computation of Travel Time for Reimbursement

Directive Statement

Class A and Class B travelers as defined below should be reimbursed one-fourth of the authorized rate of per diem for each quarter, or fraction thereof, of the travel day included within the employee’s travel period.

Class A and Class B travel will include any assignment on official business outside of regular office hours and away from regular places of employment when it is considered reasonable and necessary to stay overnight and for which travel expenses are approved.

Travel Expense Reports must be signed by the traveler.  If the traveler prepares the Travel Expense Report in the Travel and Expense Module, the  electronic  signature  is acceptable.  If the Travel Expense Report is prepared by a departmental  originator, a summary  sheet must be signed and put in as backup with all other required travel receipts and information. Individuals responsible for approving Travel Expense Reports are to ensure that expenses are appropriate and that all required itemized receipts, information and signed expense reports are attached.  The traveler is then reimbursed for expenses incurred.  All travel-related expenses must be listed on the expense report including expenses paid with a UF Purchasing Card or by direct payment.  This is done to properly reflect the true cost of the travel and to provide for full disclosure for auditing purposes.  Travel expense reports containing  only expenses that do not require receipts will still need to be signed by the traveler and put in as backup documentation.

Who must comply?

All University travelers.

Travel Day Calculation

Travelers are allowed up to 1 day on domestic travel and 2 days on foreign travel to reach destination. When travel is to multiple locations, the last business location where you sleep is where your meal allowance is calculated from no matter what portion of the day you are at that location. The travel day for each class should be calculated as follows:

Class A

Travel day: One calendar day (midnight to midnight) – continuous travel of 24 hours of more away from official headquarters.

Class B

Travel day: Begins at the same time as the travel period – continuous travel of less than 24 hours which involves overnight absence from official headquarters.

Last Reviewed

04/30/2022: reviewed content


UF HR Toolkit – Travel and Expense Module


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