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Operating an EBA

Understand the guidelines applicable to ongoing accounting and administrative requirements of operating an EBA.

Additional Directives and Information

  • Requirements for Operating an Educational Business Activity

    Directive Statement Operating an Educational Business Activity (EBA) requires an understanding of the guidelines applicable to these types of units....
  • Roles and Responsibilities

    The following table summarizes the responsibilities of various parties involved with Educational Business Activities (EBA). Responsible Party Responsibility Auxiliary Office...
  • Record Keeping and Retention

    Directive Statement Each Educational Business Activity (EBA) must adequately document its activities and maintain records to support expenditures, revenue, billings,...
  • Required Reporting for EBAs

    Directive Statement Educational Business Activities (EBA) with annual revenue in excess of $1 million are required to submit to the...
  • Deactivation of an Educational Business Activity (EBA)

    Directive Statement Colleges and departments that have Educational Business Activity (EBA) units that become dormant have the responsibility to request...
  • EBA Authoritative Guidance

    Background Various authoritative guidance exists that governs operations of the Educational Business Activities (EBA’s). Some is specific to the EBA...