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UF GO — Engagement

Since the idea for a new travel system was first introduced, stakeholders throughout the university community have been engaged in discussions about the UF’s diverse needs. Beginning in 2022, university “super users” are participating in User Experience Feedback sessions to explore the new system and provide feedback. You can learn more about the initiative and get involved by viewing the recording of our kickoff information session as well as reviewing the GBAS working session held this spring.

3/29/22 – Introduction to UF GO Travel and PCard

In this session, we will provide a sneak peek at the system and discuss how it works. This session is targeted toward business administrators in the departments, colleges and units who will be managing the work. After receiving background on the new system, participants will begin to think about the changes that may be needed in their workflows. There will be time for Q&A and discussion.

GBAS Intro to UF GO Spring 2022 Session Recording

Travel and PCard Session Handout

3/3/22 – UF GO Information Session

Learn more about UF’s new travel and PCard system, coming Summer 2022, and get answers to your questions in this kickoff information session designed for staff who currently process travel and PCard transactions. Future engagement and training opportunities are also discussed.

UF GO Info Session Recording

Questions? Contact: harrisn@ufl.edu