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Forms & Resources


60 Day Form
For reporting a violation of the 60 day policy.

Acknowledgement of Compliance with Regulations Form
Contains information regarding travel to Cuba for UF employees.

Alternate Check Delivery Form
For check that are sent to an alternate address or held for pickup in Elmore Hall.

Cash Expense Refund Form
Cash expense refunds are reimbursements (including reimbursements from employees), rebates, and other moneys returned from a vendor.

Enterprise Electronic Billing Agreement Form
Complete this form to establish an Enterprise Billing Account if you have the need to rent vehicles for other travelers but charge the rental costs to a UF PCard.

Fly America Act Exception Form
Contains information about the Fly America Act, including exceptions, and used when requesting to fly on a non-US air flag carrier.

Foreign Visiting Traveler Payment Form
Used for foreign visiting travelers that may experience delivery problems with their check.

Non-Employee Travel Request Form
Designed for individuals creating travel transactions on behalf of a non-university employee (job applicant, guest speaker, student, etc.)

Travel Advance Refund
Use this form when returning Travel Advance funds.

Travel and Expense Module Authorize Approver Request
This form is designed for those departments needing to establish Departmental Managers and set up authorized approvers for travel-related transactions.

Travel Exception Request Form
Travelers with flights of 9 hours or more may complete this form to request upgrading the class before the ticket is purchased.


Airport Parking Program
Contains information regarding airport parking and special rates for UF employees.

Dashboard Placard
Copies of UF dashboard placecards.

Enterprise Rental Brochure
Guide to renting vehicles from Enterprise for UF employees.

Enterprise-National Pricing and Age Information
Contains rates for renting vehicles from Enterprise across various classes.

M&IE Rate Table for Foreign Per Diem
Table containing the amounts the State of Florida has authorized for meal payments based on the M&IE rates (lodging and meals plus incidental travel expenses).

Parking Map
Map of parking at Enterprise.

State of Florida Disbursements Guide
State regulations requiring University employees to complete a travel reimbursement form and return any excess allowances to the University.

Time Meal Wheel
Clarifies what times of the day and dollar amounts correspond to breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.

Travel Authorization Instruction Guide
Designed for individuals responsible for submitting his or her own travel transactions or travel transactions for others.

UF Export Control Compliance Program Guidelines
Guide to UF’s adherence to export licensing requirements.

UF Travel Guide
Guide to travel for UF employees including information about authorization, reimbursement, transportation, meals, advances, etc.