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Internal Controls and Quality Assurance

Welcome to Internal Controls and Quality Assurance! Whether it is to provide guidance to you on internal control best practices, perform periodic risk-based reviews of your department’s transactions, especially for federal awards, coordinate audit requests or provide training classes, our staff is here for you.

Internal Controls and Quality Assurance is an independent and objective assurance and consulting function to work with process owners across the University to achieve an effective internal control environment.

Our goal is to provide you with quality advice, feedback, training, and service.  We hope you find our page useful and look forward to assisting you. For questions or assistance with internal controls, please contact us at (352) 392-1321 or controller-office@ad.ufl.edu.

How Can We Help You?

  • How can you, in your role at the university, safeguard assets and be part of a structure that enhances fiscal accountability? Internal controls, when properly designed and executed, will help ensure your area has optimal safeguards against loss, errors, or fraud.

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  • The titles of fiscal personnel across campus vary greatly. In order to create a common language and consistent responsibilities, the University Controller’s Office has defined tiers of fiscal responsibility.

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  • Risk-based reviews of the sponsored and non-sponsored activities of a department to test compliance, identify any gaps in training and policies and procedures, and create consistency in sponsored project and non-sponsored activities management, with a focus on effective internal controls.

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Additional Directives and Information

  • Antifraud Framework

    Overview The Antifraud Framework outlines the: Guiding principles and key structural elements to address fraud, waste, abuse, and financial mismanagement Actions and processes to prevent and detect fraud within the University   Framework Component Details Governance The organization establishes and communicates a Framework that demonstrates the expectations of the Board of Trustees to all levels […]