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Complimentary Travel

Following a comprehensive review of the Florida Statutes governing University of Florida travel policies, it has been determined that the statute does not apply to complimentary travel when there is no actual cost or travel reimbursement paid by the University. Accordingly, Travel Authorizations no longer need to be created for any complimentary travel. Finance and Accounting has revised its Travel Directives and Procedures to reflect this change. Those directives can be found at www.fa.ufl.edu/directives-and-procedures/travel.

Regardless of this change, there will be no change to the myUFL system and the procedure for creating TA’s for complimentary travel will still be covered in the instructor lead training classes conducted by Disbursement Services. It will be made clear though that the while a TA is not required under University policy, each department has the discretion to continue requiring its use as part of its own business processes.

For question regarding this change please contact University Disbursement Services @ 392-1241.

Greg DuBois, C.P.A.
Assistant Vice President for Finance and Planning
Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
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Published: January 22nd, 2015

Category: News