Hiring & Onboarding Process

The Hiring Process

Listed Below are the Necessary Steps to Hire a New Employee
Step 1 Obtain Supervisor/Unit Manager’s approval that the position can be filled and ensure budgeted funds are available – If yes proceed
Step 2 Request a copy of the most current position description from Shared Services Center (SSC) and roles formerly used by this position
Step 3 Review, update and discuss changes needed on the position description with Supervisor/Unit Manager. Supervisor/Unit Manager meets with Sr. Associate Controller if needed to discuss: Salary, Funding Source, Posting Text, Interviewers (Search Committee if needed), Minimum Requirements, Preferred qualifications, length of posting, Advertising Source if applicable. Provide this job posting information to SSC as well as the updated position description. NOTE: SSC will post for time indicated (minimum 7 days)
Step 4 You will receive an email from SSC that the position has been posted and that a password has been set up with a link to review applicants
Step 5 After position closes SSC will send an email containing all applicants and resumes
Step 6 Review applicants and email SSC selected applicants you want to interview. HR clears applicants for interview process and SSC notifies Supervisor/Unit Manager
Step 7 Supervisor/Unit Manager contacts the “cleared” applicants to be interviewed
Step 8 Contact administrative support person in your area for applicant parking and travel arrangements, if applicable
Step 9 Interview and select candidate for hire. Email SSC with selection and provide: name of selected candidate, expected salary, title, position number, effective date. SSC will email the selected candidate’s name to HR to obtain the official approval “Clear for Hire”. SSC will provide the department with an Education and Experience Verification form. HR verifies education portion, but the unit manager verifies applicant’s experience and references. SSC will initiate background check for all Finance and Accounting (F&A) employees, whether new, transfer or OPS hires
Step 10 Once Human Resources has cleared for hire. Contact selected hire and verbally offer position and discuss start date with the understanding it is contingent upon background check. SSC will provide “Not Hired Justification Template”, Supervisor\Unit Manager will complete with reason codes for applicants not hired and return to SSC.
Step 11 Request formal offer letter from SSC. Department sends applicant offer letter and position description for employee’s signature. Return all signed documents to SSC. SSC will initiate ePAF for hire.

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Congratulations on your new hire!

NOTE: There may be delays in the Human Resources (HR) hire process. PLEASE BE PATIENT!