University-Owned Vehicle Usage

1. Acquisition, Use, Maintenance, and Logs

    1. Introduction – This directive is intended to provide guidance and direction as to the use and responsibilities associated with University-owned vehicles. For purposes of this directive, University-owned vehicles is intended to refer to those vehicles designed for road use that are owned by the University or otherwise assigned or under the control of a department or unit of the University of Florida.
    2. Vehicle Acquisition, Use, and Maintenance
      1. University-owned vehicles are to be used only for official University business and should not be used for personal use, except during extended trips where such use is consistent with the completion of the official duties of the operator and/or passengers.
      2. University departments or units should only acquire vehicles when there is sufficient business need to justify the acquisition. All vehicles should be acquired through University Purchasing Services and should be appropriately maintained to ensure the maximum service life of the vehicle.
      3. The use of tobacco products, including chewing tobacco and the smoking of cigarettes and cigars is not permitted in University-owned vehicles.
      4. Bumper stickers and other materials are not to be affixed to University-owned vehicles without the express permission of the supervisor.
      5. All occupants of a state vehicle must wear seat belts whenever the vehicle is in motion.
      6. The operator must possess a valid driver’s license of the type required for the vehicle operated. Departments should validate periodically that driver’s of University-owned vehicles have such appropriate and current driver’s licenses.
      7. University-owned vehicles are to be operated in accordance with all applicable motor vehicle laws and regulations. The operator is personally responsible for all fines and other disciplinary actions resulting from the violation of laws and regulations due to the operation and parking of the vehicle. Accidents or property damage involving the University vehicle should be reported to the University’s Insurance Coordinator within the Environmental Health and Safety Office.
    3. Vehicle Use Logs – Vehicle use or trip logs are required to be maintained for all vehicles covered by this directive except service vehicles that never leave campus and University police vehicles. The vehicle logs should identify the date and time of use (in and out), vehicle trip beginning and ending mileage, name of driver, and purpose of trip. For vehicles that primarily travel on campus and occasionally off campus, a single entry per day may be used to record on-campus travel as the purpose. These vehicle usage logs should be reviewed periodically by appropriate supervisory/administrative staff. Documentation of such review should be noted on the logs.