Uncollectible Accounts Write-Off

Each year a request for approval to write-off uncollectible accounts receivable is prepared by the Treasury Management. If your department has uncollectible accounts receivable, uncollectible returned checks, adjustments or credit balances, you should contact us.


In order to write-off an accounts receivable item all attempts to collect the account should have been exhausted. This would include phone calls, letters and the use of an outside collection agency if the amount exceeds $50.00.

The requests should not contain receivables of current students, staff, faculty, university departments, or state agencies. However, if you have accounts in the student account receivable system, you may request write-off of delinquent balances if all three of the following applies.

  • Delinquent balance is less than one hundred dollars (formerly one dollar),
  • Delinquent balance is greater than 3 years old, and
  • Debtor is not currently an enrolled student.

Treasury Management emails forms in April of each year to departments providing them with an opportunity to request a write-off and coordinates the review and approval.

Not until an approval is communicated by Treasury Management to the department can the write-off actually be executed.

Directives and Procedures

For further details, please see the Cash, Collections, Receivables and Investments section.