Combination Codes

A Combination Code is a 9-digit number that represents a unique ChartField combination used by the Human Resources Management System (HRMS). Combination Codes are used in the Distribution and Additional Pay components and are needed for all payroll charges. A Combination Code is any valid combination of ChartFields; but all Combination Codes must have a minimum of: DeptID, Fund, Program Code and Budget Reference. For additional financial tracking, a unique Combination Code can be created with DeptFlex or UFID.

To find a Combination Code, navigate to Set Up HCM > Common Definitions > ChartField Configuration > Combination Code Table. Enter the primary ChartField values (Project ID for Grants, Flex for 143, SOF for 171 or DeptID and Fund) and the available Combination Codes will be displayed, if any exists. Detailed instructions can be found on the Combination Codes Instruction Guide. The security role needed to view combination codes is UF_KA_BUDGETING_INQUIRY. However, if the end user is also responsible for processing distributions, then the security role needed is UF_KA_DEPT_BUDGETING_ADMIN.

Funds 201 and 209

Combination Codes for Funds 201 and 209 do not need to be requested manually. General Accounting will create Combination Codes for projects within two business days of the Notice of Budget Release for the appropriate budget items.  If a Combination Code for Funds 201 or 209 needs to be created with an optional ChartField or if a Combination Code is not available after three days the department should send the request directly to their Research Administrator in Contracts and Grants. Combination Codes for grant projects are effective dated using the project start date.

Other Funds

For the following funds, the department can submit Combination Code requests directly to the indicated contacts. When requesting a new Combination Code, please include the complete ChartField string for the Project.

Grant Funds 201 & 209 require approval of the Research Administrator.
Cash Funds 211-212 Engineering Depts 19XXXXXX Contact Jamie Dale
Cash Funds 211-212 IFAS Depts 60XXXXXX Contact Juli Carter
Cash Fund 211 All Other Departments Research Service Center
Cash Fund 212 All Other Departments Contact C&G Research Administrator
Cash Fund 213 All Departments Contact Suzanne Winik
Cash Fund 214 All Departments Contact C&G Research Administrator
All DCE (Fund 143) request are approved by Barbara Bennett
Requests with budget reference of CYFWD require the CFO Budget Office’s Approval
Fund 275 requests are approved by the CFO Budget Office

All other Funds:

Once you have verified that a Combination Code does not exist, please complete the Combination Code Request form and send it to your ChartField Liaison for submission to General Accounting. All ChartFields must have available budget so that once the Combination Code is assigned, the ChartField will not create a payroll exception or a negative balance. Requests for Combination Codes submitted to the ChartField email address are created no later than the next business day, but usually entered the same day.  Combination Codes are effective dated as of the beginning of the fiscal year.

Required ChartFields

The most common issues are related to the following requirements:

  • Funds 201/209/214 must have a SOF beginning with “G”
  • Fund 213 must have a SOF beginning with “R”
  • Enter the PC Business Unit before the project number
  • Fund 171 must have a SOF – values may begin with A, F, H or L
  • Fund 143 requires DeptFlex and must be submitted by DOCE; flex codes must be added to the system BEFORE a Combination Code may be assigned.

For further information, see Required ChartFields by Fund.

Combination Code Distribution Errors

Below are some of the most common errors when Combination Codes are entered in the Department Budget Table:
1. The combo code is inactive. Check the combo code table and if it is inactive send an activation request to
2. The distribution date is outside the effective date of the Combination Code. This can be determined by looking at the Combination Code table. Change the distribution date or contact
3. Your security is not established for the DeptID on the Combination Code. The error message will appear, “Invalid value – press the prompt button or hyperlink for a list of valid values.” If you do not see any Combination Codes, contact your DSA (Department Security Administrator). If this is not the case and the proper security is in place, contact

Inactivating Combination Codes

Combination Codes may be inactivated if they have not been used in the past two years and they are not currently being used in any distributions. Contact General Accounting