Florida Prepaid College Program


At the University of Florida (UF), students with a Florida Prepaid account will not have to show their Florida Prepaid documentation.  The University Bursar works directly from an electronic file from the Florida Prepaid College Program that automatically matches that file by names and social security numbers of enrolled students at UF to determine eligibility and available hours that can be billed to the program.

The University Bursar will bill the Florida Prepaid Program automatically for the tuition and applicable fees for eligible students.  The program will be billed each term that a student is registered at UF and continues to have hours available.

See the Florida Prepaid Program website to explore its variety of programs.

None of the plans pay 100% of tuition and fees.  Listed below are fees that are not covered by any of the prepaid plans and must be paid by the published payment deadline for each term to avoid the assessment of a $100.00 late payment fee:

  • transportation access fee
  • test fees
  • technology fees
  • material & supply fees
  • distance learning fees
  • equipment fees
  • repeat surcharge
  • excess hours surcharge

Opting Out of Florida Prepaid

As an eligible student, should you choose to decline the use of your prepaid plan for a fall or spring term, you can do so by selecting the appropriate term on-line by following the easy instructions below:

1. Go to ONE.UF

2. Enter your Username and Password

3. Choose “Main Menu>My Campus Finances>Opt out of Florida Prepaid”

4. Select the appropriate term(s) using the drop down arrow

5. Click on “Save” when finished

Fall and Spring Terms –   The option to “opt out” on-line for the current term (fall or spring) must be completed prior to the tuition and fees payment deadline of that term.  The on-line “opt-out” option will not be available on the tuition and fees payment deadline day.  Therefore, if you choose to “opt-out” on the deadline day or you need to cancel an on-line selection, you must contact University Bursar at (352) 392-9545 or through Ask Bursar Help. Please note, you must “opt out” for every term you choose to decline the use of your prepaid plan.  Only one academic year will be available on-line for “opting out” at any given time.

Summer Sessions –   Students choosing to decline the use of their prepaid plan for a summer session must contact University Bursar at (352) 392-9545 or through Ask Bursar Help prior to the tuition and fees payment deadline of that summer session to “opt out.”

Florida Prepaid and Financial Aid

Students participating in the Florida Prepaid College Program who are also expecting to receive financial aid (i.e., Bright Futures, Pell, student loans, other scholarships/grants) will have the Florida Prepaid applied first to tuition and applicable fees.  Financial aid received will be disbursed and applied to outstanding charges which may include tuition and fees not covered by the Florida Prepaid Program.  Any excess financial aid that remains after debts have been paid will be refunded to the student (student/parent if PLUS Parent loan).

Study Abroad Programs and Division of Continuing Education (DCE)

Students participating in any study abroad program or receiving instruction through correspondence can also have the Florida Prepaid College Program billed.  Student must contact the following departments for assistance with billing the prepaid program:

Study Abroad Programs:

UF International Center, Study Abroad Services

170 HUB-Stadium Road, Gainesville, FL

(352) 392-5323

 Correspondence Courses:

Department of Continuing Education

2124 NE Waldo Road, Ste 1101, Gainesville, FL

(352) 392-2137

Additional questions regarding the UF Florida Prepaid billing process?  Call (352) 392-9545 or contact our office via Ask Bursar Help.

Questions about the Florida Prepaid Program? Call 1-800-552-4723 (552-GRAD).